A recent study found that nearly 70% of the American population is using at least a single tap water filter, a figure that has been increasing over the past two decades.

But how much does a water filter really do?

A recent article published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology reveals the benefits of choosing a filter that works, even if it does require a bit of trial and error.

As an added bonus, the article provides helpful information on where to find water filters, including some recommended for you to buy if you live in an area where you don’t have a local water utility.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Filter?

For starters, you’ll probably notice a difference in your water quality.

When you’re drinking filtered water, your water is almost purer, and you’ll get a better overall experience.

In addition, you’re getting more water from your tap.

This means that you can use more tap water, and use less water overall.

You might also notice that your taste in your tap water changes.

As the researchers explain, it’s the natural pH levels in the water that affect your taste.

If you have a high pH level, your taste will be “off” from your normal, natural taste.

When your pH level drops, your normal taste becomes more bitter and sour.

So, you might taste a bit sweeter and more bitter.

The researchers found that a filter has been shown to be effective in reducing the impact of water quality on your health.

You’ll also see a reduction in your cancer risk, which is a good thing because the filter removes carbon dioxide from your water.

The most common reason that people think they need a filter is because they’re having trouble keeping their water from leaking.

But according to the researchers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the filter will help prevent leaks.

Instead, the filter can prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria, which can make your water unsafe for drinking.

You’ll probably also notice the filter does its job.

In the study, researchers found there was a clear benefit to using a filter when compared to regular tap water.

In fact, filter use was found to have the highest correlation to the amount of bacteria in the tap water (r=0.79).

This suggests that the filters’ effectiveness in cleaning water is tied to the bacteria present in the stream and in the ground.

You can find a water filtration system at any home improvement store, including Lowe’s and Home Depot.

The most expensive option is usually a high-efficiency filtrator, but you can also buy filters that use a combination of a copper filter and an alkaline filter.

For less expensive systems, you can buy one of these stainless steel filters that can be used for the most part without a filter.

What About Bottling?

Is the Filter Perfect for You?

According to the study in the journal Consumer Psychology, filters were found to be “good substitutes” for bottled water.

This suggests a lot of people use filtered water as a way to get the most out of their tap water rather than a regular tap, since they’re not getting as much from their tap as a bottled water tap would.

This is where the water filters come in.

The researchers noted that filters that are used in the home for this purpose can be a good substitute for bottled tap water and can be considered a water purifier.

This can be good news if you have water problems or if you’ve recently added an electric water heater.

In these cases, you could try a filter instead of the tap.

How Does It Affect Your Health?

The researchers concluded that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

They said that “the effects of using filtered water appear to be more consistent across age, race and gender than those of drinking tap water.”

This means that while it may seem like a lot to consider when it comes to your health, the benefits are actually quite simple to understand.

You’re actually not getting any extra benefit from drinking bottled water, even though you may be paying more.

In addition, because filtered water is a clean-burning, biodegradable source of energy, you won’t be putting any chemicals into your water system that can contribute to the spread of harmful microbes and bacteria.

The study suggests that you could save money by drinking filtered or filtered-water bottled water rather the tap or regular tap.

What Does It Mean for Your Water Quality?

The study found a correlation between the level of bacteria present and the amount you use, so the more you use filtered or bottled water for drinking, the better the results.

But this doesn’t mean that you should stop using bottled water entirely.

You could still be using it for drinking purposes.

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