The cost of electricity rebate schemes vary widely in different parts of the country.

The average rate in Greater Manchester was £1,788 in 2016, according to the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Agency (ECCA).

That’s higher than the average rate of £1 and below the average cost of the equivalent of a 20% discount at a Tesco in Leeds.

In Birmingham, the average was £2,874, the ECA said.

There was also a substantial difference between how much people were charged in a specific region and how much they paid.

Bristol, Greater Manchester, Birmingham and London all paid significantly less than the national average.

A spokeswoman for the ECCA said it was possible the differences were caused by different local authorities charging differently and the average price charged by a company in one area could be higher than a company’s average price in another area.

“We are always investigating the causes of the variation,” she said.

“However, in general we are confident that the rebate scheme is working for consumers, and the cost to consumers is consistent across all areas.”

The latest figures from the ECHO show that a typical house in the Greater Manchester area had an average cost for electricity of £2.8m in 2016.

That compares with a national average of £3.1m.

As well as rebates and other incentives, the Government is investing more in the supply of energy.

On average, the number of homes in the UK is now 80%, up from 70% in the early 2000s.

It means that households are saving more and are spending more.

If households were saving more, the price of electricity would rise.

Instead, households are paying more, as the Government and the industry push ahead with plans to deliver more and better services.

For example, the energy market regulator, Ofgem, is seeking to improve reliability and reliability is one of the key objectives for the 2020-21 period.

Meanwhile, consumers are paying much more.

In 2016-17, households in the North West paid more than £50,000 more for electricity than the South East, according the Echo.

Wholesale electricity rebating is a major part of that picture, but the Government has said that is the wrong way to look at it.

Electricity rebates are a rebate that comes to the consumer as a rebate for a particular price.

This is the case for households in many parts of Greater Manchester and the North East, but it is not the case in other parts of England.

Some households are rebating because of their ability to pay.

But if you’re paying more than the typical rate for the same amount of electricity, you can apply for a rebate.

And if you can, the rebates will go to the person who pays the highest amount of money.

Why do rebates cost so much?

The Government is committed to providing incentives to help households save more, but they’re not perfect.

Many people in the electricity market are not aware of how they can get a rebate.

They are often unsure of whether they can afford it or whether they should apply for one.

Sometimes they’re unaware that there are rebates available, and they’re also not aware they have a choice of whether to take the offer.

At the moment, the only way to be able to apply for rebates is to get a statement from the retailer, the council, the electricity supplier or the local authority.

Then, a rebate can be paid.

But there are a number of things you need to do to apply.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to apply:Some households can choose to pay more than averageThe rebate scheme offers a choice between a variable rate, a fixed rate, or a fixed discount on a variable price.

A variable rate is where the rate you pay changes based on how much you spend, for example if you spend £3,000 on electricity, your electricity provider will set the variable rate for you.

You could then choose a variable discount rate of 10% on your bill, for a maximum of £6,000.

Alternatively, you could choose a fixed price of £15,000 for the entire bill, where the standard rate applies.

The rebates can come in two forms:A fixed price is what you pay for electricity, but doesn’t depend on how you spend it.

The rebate is a fixed sum.

It doesn’t change over time.

However, if you don’t pay your full bill, the rebate can vary from time to time.

There’s no guarantee that the rate charged on your electricity will be the same for the next bill.

In many cases, you’ll be given a fixed or variable rate.

The Government has also set up a scheme called the Energy Assistance Scheme (

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