Electric companies are the next to come under scrutiny, but some analysts say the electric utilities they run are more reliable than those they were in the past.

Electricity providers are also the backbone of many Israeli households and businesses, and the country is expected to need a lot of power for the foreseeable future.

Here are some key factors that could impact electricity sector stocks.1.

A new wave of renewables and wind power The Israeli energy sector is expected in the next few years to be dominated by new wind and solar power plants, especially in the southern parts of the country.

Solar power is the country’s most important source of electricity, and is expected at the same time to grow rapidly, especially if the new government comes to power.

Solar electricity, for example, is projected to account for nearly a third of Israel’s electricity generation by 2020, up from a tenth in 2020.

Some experts predict that by 2020 Israel could be generating around 15% of its electricity from solar power alone.2.

An uptick in electricity demand and an increase in demand for fuel The economy is growing faster than that of previous decades.

Electricity demand, which was once dominated by domestic consumption, is expected, among other things, to rise by 10% by 2020 and 15% by 2021.

This will be partly driven by a surge in demand in the developing world, as more people are living and working in urban areas.3.

A shift to the electric grid The Israeli electricity grid is expected soon to have a new generation of electricity-generating stations, as well as the addition of more efficient substations, which will also be installed.

This new generation will have to be connected to the grid through transmission lines.

It will be up to the state and the companies in the industry to decide how to proceed with these stations and substations.4.

New demand for energyThe electric industry is expected for the first time in a decade to reach a new milestone in 2020: the production of the world’s largest amount of energy.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), demand for electricity will be about 70% higher than the average level in 2020, and will grow from there.5.

A surge in renewable energy Israel’s renewable energy sector has grown rapidly over the past decade, with new plants being built almost every year.

The sector is now estimated to have more than 2,500 plants, and could reach 2,700 by 2020.6.

A switch to the gas-fired power plants in the future A shift away from the coal-fired electricity generation has been one of the main drivers of Israel becoming a net energy exporter.

The country will see a shift to natural gas in the coming years, with gas-powered plants expected to make up about half of its energy by 2020 as well.7.

A jump in oil prices In the past, Israeli gas prices were relatively high, with prices rising at a rate of about 6% a year, which contributed to a significant economic and social drag on the economy.

But as the price of gas has fallen in recent years, it is expected that the price will rise in 2020 and 2021.8.

The arrival of a new energy source The Israeli power sector is estimated to be in a strong position to meet the needs of the electricity sector, and has already started to build some new plants, including a new gas-power plant and a new coal-powered plant.

It is expected this will help to fill gaps in the countrys energy infrastructure.9.

The introduction of new generation and new technologies The electricity sector has been growing rapidly in recent decades, with the number of new power plants added every year rising to about 100,000.

The growth of the energy sector in Israel is expected both to remain relatively strong over the next decade, as a result of its growing population and to continue to expand.

In 2020, for instance, the number the electricity industry is likely to have increased to approximately 1,500.10.

A decline in renewable generation in the near termA number of factors could affect the number and speed of renewable energy generation in Israel.

Israel has already been experiencing a decline in its wind and sun power capacity over the last few years.

This could be partly due to the Israeli government’s push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to implement a number of measures, including the deployment of renewable resources, such as solar panels.

Solar energy is also projected to have dropped in 2020 compared to the previous year.

However, the main factor that could reduce the number, speed and size of wind and sunlight plants in Israel could still be the fall in the price for natural gas.11.

The entry of new technologiesThe Israel Electricity System is expected as soon as 2021 to become more efficient, with a new, cheaper power plant coming online in 2019.

The new plant will be able to provide about half the energy required by the existing plant.

The Israeli Electric Company expects that this new plant, which is expected by 2020 to have around 400 megawatts of capacity, will be built at

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