A $1.40 rebate on your electricity bill is about to kick in for most people, but for some, it could be the difference between a comfortable home and one that is not.

The electricity rebates are due to come into effect this year, but not everyone has the cash to buy the appliances.

The $1 rebates start at $2 per month, but some are only available for people with a household income of $130,000 or more.

To qualify for the rebates for electricity, appliances, refrigerators and washing machines, households must have a household size of at least 10 and have an average household income between $130 and $200, whichever is less.

For those who have a family income of under $50,000, they are eligible for a $3 per month rebate.

For an electric appliance rebate, you must pay an annual household electricity bill of $120 for the appliance and $120 per month for the electricity it generates.

Electric appliances, appliances that generate electricity, refrigeration and washing machine rebatesThe electricity rebate is designed to help people save money and reduce their electricity bills.

The government has also set up a new rebate program, which is designed for people who don’t qualify for a rebate but would like to have an alternative.

It’s designed to support low-income households and low-to-moderate income households.

The new program is aimed at households that spend less than $300 a year and can’t afford the electricity rebare.

A government spokesperson told the ABC it is a “timely and reasonable” option for households with an average annual household income and an average electricity bill, but that “some households have a much lower income and we know this could have an impact on their electricity usage”.

“We understand there are some households who are struggling to meet their electricity bill because they can’t get on with their household and they need this rebate,” the spokesperson said.

The electricity rebate is available for those in rural and regional areas, as well as people in some parts of metropolitan Australia, including Melbourne.

The rebate is a form of credit that can be applied for when buying or leasing electricity.

To apply, you will need to complete the form, which will then be emailed to you via the Federal Government’s website.

To find out how much electricity you need to buy, check out our energy guide.

The rebates can be used to help pay off your electricity bills, but many customers will still be able to save by not having to pay for electricity.

In some cases, rebates may be available for appliances that are no longer needed because they have been replaced or upgraded.

The ABC has contacted the Department of Finance and Industry for comment.

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