An electric appliance factory is under construction in Jerusalem.

The factory is to be built on land owned by the city’s government.

The owner, a Palestinian company called Kura Construction, is the first private company to be allowed to build on private land in the West Bank since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West.

Kura has plans to build 10,000 electric appliances per year in the area, with the largest of these in the Gaza Strip.

In the past year, Kura announced plans to double the capacity of the factory and expand production to a total of 150,000 units annually, the largest in the world.

According to a press release, the company plans to hire 3,000 Palestinian workers.

Construction on the factory began in late 2015, and construction workers have already begun building the first unit.

Kora Construction, which is owned by a group of Palestinian businessmen, had its license to construct on private lands revoked in 2012 due to “Israeli illegal construction,” and is currently seeking to obtain a new license to do business in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli government considers the construction of Israeli businesses on Palestinian land to be a “flagrant violation” of the 1967 Green Line and the 1948 Fourth Geneva Convention.

In November 2016, the Israeli Supreme Court granted Kura’s application to renew the license.


to a statement released by the Jerusalem office of the Palestinian Authority, the court found that the company’s activities were “not conducive to peace and stability” and that “there are clear violations of international law, and the company is facing legal actions.”

In September, Israeli authorities detained Kura CEO, Majdi Zeyd, for allegedly violating the terms of the Israeli government’s order to stop the construction.

In a letter sent to the Palestinian Ministry of Finance, the ministry said that “the Israeli government has confiscated [Kura Construction’s] licenses and licenses for other companies that have illegally occupied the lands of the state.”

In March, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestine, Mamdouh Bensouda, concluded that Israel “has engaged in a pattern of systematic, systematic, and flagrant violations of the Fourth Geneva convention, the 1949 Geneva Conventions, and international humanitarian law.”

The Israeli authorities have continued to deny the accusations.

In August, the UN Special Rapporter-General for the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Dov Weisglass, wrote to the Israeli Government, “In this instance, Israeli officials have chosen to ignore and to ignore the grave violations of human rights committed by the Israeli occupation and occupation-like practices that have been committed by companies operating on the occupied Palestinian territories.”

According to Bensoula, “The Israeli authorities are in the midst of a campaign of denial and of intimidation aimed at silencing the truth.

They have decided to ignore or to suppress the report of the Special Rappéeur and the UN Secretary-General.”

Bensoua also wrote to UN Special Coordinator-General, Navi Pillay, to demand an immediate investigation into the Israeli authorities’ actions.

“I urge you to act immediately to hold accountable those responsible for these crimes, including the Israeli officials who have perpetrated these violations,” Bensous said.

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) has long criticized Israeli actions against the Palestinian territories, including illegal settlements, blockades, and land confiscations.

In July 2016, ISM released a report titled “The Occupation of Palestine: A Call to Action,” which outlined the ongoing violations and the long-term consequences of Israeli policies in the Occupation.

ISM noted that “Israeli policies have led to the denial of basic human rights, including basic economic and social rights.”

The report also noted that Palestinians “continue to suffer from discrimination, including unequal treatment, racial profiling, the deprivation of their freedom of movement, denial of access to health care, denial and harassment of freedom of speech and association, and a range of other abuses, such as the arbitrary detention of Palestinian citizens and activists.”

IMS said that in 2016, “Israeli authorities demolished over 600 Palestinian homes, and arrested over 4,500 Palestinians.”

The International Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (ICABCI), an international advocacy group, released a statement calling on the UN to “end the Israeli siege of the Gaza strip.”

The statement urged the UN Security Council to “immediately pass an emergency resolution to lift the siege.”

“The blockade of the entire Gaza Strip is a blatant violation of international humanitarian and human rights law,” ICABCI Executive Director, Marwan Barghouti, said.

“Israel’s brutal actions against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and its occupation of Palestinian lands, including East Jerusalem, are the latest in a series of violations that have created a situation of desperate necessity in the Middle East.”

ICABA is currently drafting a call for action that “will include a comprehensive and comprehensive international inquiry into Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights and the international legal system.”

“I call on all countries to adopt a global

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