By Sarah Ransom University of Queensland University of Medicine & Dentistry of Queensland (UQDQ) September 13, 2018 Updated September 13, 2019 University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry & Biochemistry has published a research paper that describes how a microwave dish may function as an electric heater.

The paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, is based on a series of experiments that revealed that when a microwave is used to heat a hot water source, the microwave can be used to operate a small, non-conductive coil that acts as an electromagnet that converts the hot water to electricity.

Professor James Wetherill, who conducted the experiments, said they are important because microwaves could be used in the future to help provide electricity to homes.

“If you could use a microwave as a battery pack or as a heat pump for a generator or an energy storage device, you could potentially make a lot of power out of that,” he said.

“It’s really the ability to operate the microwave in such a way that it’s very non-invasive that makes this such an important new technology.”

Professor Wetherall and his colleagues found that the coil was electrically stable and that the temperature rise of the water after heating varied with the temperature difference between the surface of the metal sphere and the surface surrounding it.

He said the coil, which was constructed from a copper plate, had a thermal conductivity of up to 5 millikelvin per square centimetre, a temperature that is about four times higher than that of a standard metal heater.

“You can’t just use a regular copper heater to heat water,” he explained.

“The temperature difference can vary a lot from room temperature to 100°C, so it’s a pretty good thermal conductive material.”

We can use it as a heating element in a water bath and we can also use it in a furnace or a steam boiler.

“The research team used the microwave to heat an industrial boiler at a high temperature and observed the heating behavior of the heat exchanger and the coil.

The heat exchangers of the microwave were connected to the coil and cooled using an oven.

The research was carried out by researchers from the School of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering and the School.

The results will be presented at the International Conference on Electro-mechanical Design and Manufacturing (CEDM) in Barcelona, Spain, on October 6.”

I think the thing that is interesting about this work is that it demonstrates the potential for applications that are in the design of future electric heating systems.””

It’s a really novel idea that could be applied to a number of applications in the near future.”

I think the thing that is interesting about this work is that it demonstrates the potential for applications that are in the design of future electric heating systems.

“He said there were many applications of this technology, but there were a number challenges, including the fact that the metal plate could be damaged and if the heat source was not stable enough, the coils could get damaged.”

Our first objective is to design a metal plate that’s relatively thin and that will be very stable, and we hope to get there in a year or two,” he added.

The researchers are now working on further research that will look at ways to improve the safety of the coil so it can withstand the high temperatures that are required for high temperature applications.


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