Electric appliances are getting more efficient, but it’s still not enough for those living in cold places.

The Power to the Lights campaign has been running since the middle of February.

The campaign aims to highlight the difference between what the average home uses and the electricity bills paid by those who can afford it.

Key points: The campaign has focused on electric appliances and has been in support of a policy called “power to the home”The campaign is part of a campaign called Power to The Lights, which aims to give power to homes without needing to purchase or install an expensive new applianceThe campaign aims for every home to be connected to the electricity grid, whether they are in a rental property or in an apartment, as well as on the internet.

The campaign has attracted a lot of attention, with a number of TV ads that have been posted online and more than 2,000 messages on social media.

What is Power to a Home?

The Power to A Home campaign aims at encouraging people to “buy and install an affordable electric home”.

It’s aimed at people who live in cold climates such as New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines, but also has appeal for people living in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Vancouver.

The program also aims to raise awareness around the cost of electricity.

It was set up in 2016, and was funded by the Government, which has pledged $400 million to help pay for the rollout of Power to Homes.

What is the cost?

The campaign uses data from the National Electricity Market to calculate what electricity is being consumed by households in each market.

It looks at the price of electricity and the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity consumed.

Power to a home is not a household energy savings program.

The campaign says it is a “good tool to remind people that if you want to save money you should buy an electric home, not a new one”.

What can you expect to see in the campaign?

The program has a few different parts, including a short video on the campaign, a video explaining the campaign and a blog post about how to connect to the power grid.

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