Bridgetown, NSW (AAP) – An electric appliance store in a suburban Melbourne suburb has been taken offline after a transformer was damaged.

The Bridgeton Powerhouse outlet, owned by Energising Australia, had a transformer connected to the line.

The outage is the latest disruption to the electricity network after a number of high-voltage lines were shut down during a power outage in the Northern Territory in November.

The Queensland electricity network was also affected by the blackout, with a generator in the Gold Coast region unable to deliver electricity to about 100 homes.

The power company said the outage could affect about 30,000 homes and businesses.

The Brisbane power company also said it was monitoring the situation closely and that customers in the area were advised to turn on their lights and avoid outdoor activities during the power outage.

The Powerhouse is one of the last remaining outlets on the Queensland grid.

The outlet is a major source of electricity for Bridgetons suburb, with customers needing to be connected to a generator to turn the lights on.

It is not yet known whether the transformer was still working when the outage began.

Electric appliance retailer Energizing Australia said it had been operating the Bridgetoneys Bridgetones store for three years.

“The company was working hard to secure a long-term deal for the business, which is why we are grateful to the state government for supporting us,” Energishing Australia chief executive Rob Hall said.

“Our team is doing a great job of supporting customers in Bridgetontown and in the wider Queensland electricity system, and thank them for their support during this outage.”

The Queensland Energy Regulator said it is investigating the cause of the incident.

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