Electric cars have been a big hit in the US, but many people still don’t know that there are other ways to travel.

We recently got an opportunity to test out the Nissan’s electric electric vehicle, the Nissan Volt.

We went to Nissan’s North American headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, and sat down with Nissan’s EV lead, Jens Schildkraut.

The interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

The Verge: So the Nissan has a range of 80 miles and a top speed of about 70 miles per hour.

Can you give us an overview of the Volt’s range?

Jens: That’s a little bit of a technical term.

We call it a “range.”

So, you know, for instance, a 150-mile battery pack.

Now, a range is not the same thing as a range per mile, because you can only travel as fast as you can travel in a specific area.

So a 200-mile range would be, you could travel to Manhattan in a matter of a couple of hours.

And then you would travel to New York City in three to four hours.

So that’s not a 100-mile-per-hour car.

The Nissan Volt has a 60-mile per hour range.

And you can go as fast or as slow as you like, which is a pretty remarkable capability for a car.

So we’re really proud of that.

So, the range is the same as a 200+ mile range.

The Volt is a lot more than that.

The battery pack is the most significant piece of the vehicle, but the entire car is made of lightweight aluminum.

And it’s all aluminum, too.

It’s made from carbon fiber and steel.

And that makes the car incredibly light, because it weighs about 15 percent less than the battery pack, so it has a lower center of gravity, and it weighs a little less.

It also has some of the best lithium ion batteries in the world.

It uses that energy to recharge the batteries in two ways.

It has a battery charger, which can charge batteries as fast and as easily as you would use a regular car charger.

And the battery charger has two independent batteries.

It can charge the batteries, and then it can charge your phone, which also has the lithium ion battery.

So it can recharge your phone for two or three hours.

It really does come in at about two hours to three hours to fully charge.

And those recharge times are very quick, because the battery has to charge the battery twice to get the same amount of energy.

So they charge in less than an hour, which you can really only get from a car charger, and they charge the whole time.

And there’s a lot of other benefits of the Nissan electric vehicle that we won’t go into here.

But it’s really the battery that makes it so fast.

So let’s talk about the range.

You can charge it at your home, or at work, or anywhere in the country, and you can do that in about four hours, if you have a charger and a charger charger with you.

You also can have the car at home for the same time, because there’s an integrated charger that you plug into the car, and there’s also a plug-in charger that has a plug into your car.

And because the Nissan batteries are so dense, the electric cars have a very low operating pressure.

So if you plug your battery charger into the charger, you’re going to charge it much more slowly than a normal car charger would charge it.

And a normal charger will charge at around 1.5 volts.

So you’ll need to charge your car at the maximum possible voltage.

So the best charger I can recommend is the Nissan ChargePlus, because they charge at about 2.5 to 3.0 volts.

And for an EV, it will charge your EV at a little over 3.5 volt.

So with a Nissan Charge Plus, it’s actually going to be charging your EV over 4.5.

So your battery will actually charge your vehicle faster than if you had to charge at home.

And I’ve got a plug on my Tesla that charges it over 3 volts.

But if you’re using an electric car, if your battery is really heavy, it might actually charge at higher voltages.

So my recommendation would be to get a charger that is charged at a much lower voltage, and use a charger like the Nissan Charger Plus.

The EV has a removable battery tray.

So there’s just a slot on the back of the car that allows you to plug in the battery.

And if you do that, you can then charge your battery, which will recharge your car in less time than if it had to be plugged into the charging system.

You don’t have to plug your phone into it, either.

So for a lot people, they think, well, you don’t need to be in a car to charge, but it’s good if you can charge in a home

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