New Hampshire is on the cusp of a coronavirus pandemic that has the country on edge.

But for the first time in a generation, Romney’s campaign is pitching a campaign that is both compassionate and focused on winning the state.

Romney is spending a lot of time in New Hampshire, where he has held rallies on Monday and Tuesday.

But the former Massachusetts governor also has made the state a priority, signing a bill this week that will provide $3 million for the state’s health care system and giving health care workers more paid time off.

This is the most intense time of our lives.

It’s a good time to be campaigning.

This is the time to go out and tell our story, to tell the people of New Hampshire and all across the country, that our people are good people.

I’m confident that when we do that, we’re going to do it the right way.

Romney’s wife, Ann, has said the campaign is focusing on making New Hampshire a “state of choice” where people can “choose what they want” and where there’s “no cost to your healthcare.”

And in a recent interview with MSNBC, Romney said, “We’re doing a lot to try to help people here in New England, because New Hampshire has always been a place where we’re able to have the kind of success that we have here.”

Romney has made an effort to reach out to minorities, which has been a strength in his primary fight against former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, Romney reiterated his campaign’s message of inclusion and said that, “If you look at what I do in New Jersey, it’s the same thing, I’m not going to tell you exactly what I’m going to spend on in New York, because we’re talking about New York.”

“There’s so much going on out there in New New Hampshire,” he added.

“I don’t want to go into detail about what’s happening out there, but I want to emphasize that we’re trying to do everything we can to help New Hampshire.

But we’ve got a lot more work to do.”

Romney is in New Orleans on Thursday for a town hall meeting hosted by the American Legion, the nation’s largest volunteer military.

He will then spend part of the day in Boston for a fundraiser for Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

And in addition to New Hampshire’s primary, Romney is also scheduled to campaign in Virginia on Friday, and Florida on Saturday.

Romney has also been campaigning in Iowa, where a poll conducted last week found him tied with former President Barack Obama among likely voters.

Romney’s team has not said when he will formally formally concede the race.

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