A new electric appliance from India’s largest manufacturer will help India’s struggling rural electric appliance industry.

Millersburg Electric Appliances (MESA) announced Monday it will offer its own electric appliance range in India, offering the latest models from brands like Lendipo and Dyson to other emerging manufacturers.MESA’s products are more advanced than the more conventional offerings from manufacturers like Lidl, which sell in the US and Europe.

Its first product is the MESA E-Cable, a $1,700-plus electric cordless appliance designed for small to medium-sized households.

It’s available in 12 sizes, from small to large.

The MESA M2, which is designed for larger households, comes in 18 sizes.

It has a 12-foot cord and comes with an AC adapter for electricity.

In 2018, MESA announced plans to offer a range of products in India from small- and medium-size appliances to large-sized appliances.

The company is partnering with Lidlar to offer electric appliances in India through its own brands.

For the new MESA range, the company will offer a wide range of appliances from the basic MESA Appliance to the most expensive MESA-branded electric appliances.

MESA will also launch its own products, like the Mesa E-Hole, an electric hinged box designed for use in small apartments, to be sold in India starting March.

This is the first electric appliance that MESA will offer in India as a result of the government’s Smart City Mission, a public-private partnership to boost urban mobility in India.

MESA plans to manufacture the M2 range in the country in 2019.

India’s MESA appliance market is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Over the past five years, Mesa has sold more than 5.3 million MESA appliances, according to MESA’s data.

The average cost of an MESA battery in India is around Rs.3,000, compared to about Rs.2,000 in the United States and about Rs2,500 in Europe.

India’s rural electricity sector, the biggest in the nation, is struggling with low power prices, rising electricity bills and declining demand due to climate change.

Earlier this year, India’s power ministry announced a policy that would help reduce power bills and improve the quality of power generation by reducing the cost of electricity by 50% by 2022.

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