Consumer Reports, the leading consumer electronics magazine, has put the best brands on the chopping block.

It has cut all the brands from its list of top-rated brands for 2016, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Samsung.

Here are the new names, and how they compare with those of 2016.

Amazon Amazon, Inc.

Amazon’s new name may be a bit strange.

The e-commerce giant is known for making its own products and services.

However, its brand is no longer associated with the tech giant, which is a significant shift for the company.

AppleApple has been a big name in the tech industry since its creation in 1953, when the Apple II first went on sale.

However as the company expanded into the home and personal computing arena, it was forced to evolve.

Apple products include iPhones, iPads and Macs, but its main focus has been on smartphones and tablets.

Apple has always been a technology company, but has recently taken a more mobile approach.

Apple’s new brand, iBooks, is expected to be one of the most popular products from the brand.

Microsoft Microsoft is known primarily for its products that can be downloaded to devices and computers.

However it has also had a more diversified portfolio, with its recent moves to make its own hardware and software as well as focus on software.

The company also launched Surface Pro devices, including the Surface Book and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft’s new label, Microsoft Office, is likely to be a popular one, too.

Google Google is known as a technology giant that helps people navigate the web.

However its technology portfolio has been very diversified and its brands include Google Glass and Google Earth.

Microsoft Office is one of Google’s more recent and successful efforts to improve its image.

Apple Apple has long had a reputation for producing beautiful, high-end products.

However the brand has also been associated with a more low-end approach to technology.

The brand’s focus on its products has resulted in it having a more diverse portfolio.

Apple is expected as one of Microsoft’s top five most popular brands.

Google The tech giant is famous for its popular search engines, but also has its own online shopping site.

However Google has been trying to shift its focus away from search and toward services such as mapping and the cloud.

Microsoft The company’s flagship brand has been Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft name is also a little unusual, as the brand is not associated with anything else.

Microsoft also launched the Surface Pro, a Surface Book, and a Surface Pro Pro 2 this year.

Microsoft has also released Surface Pro 3s, a smaller Surface Pro and a smaller version of the Surface.

Apple The new Apple name is a bit confusing.

The name is the same as the iconic computer in the movies The Wizard of Oz, and is likely a reference to the company’s iconic red Apple logo.

Apple also is known best for its phones, but is also known for other products including iPods, Apple Watch, and Beats headphones.

Microsoft Windows is known mainly for its Windows operating system.

Microsoft is also expected to make a splash in the new year with a number of new hardware products.

Google Windows Phone is expected for a number and a half of its new devices this year, including a number-one device, the Google Pixel.

Apple iPad is also likely to have a lot of new products this year and a number in 2017.

Apple MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple TV Series 4 are expected to have new hardware this year as well.

Google Chromebooks are expected for many new products in 2017 as well, including Google’s Pixelbook and Google’s Chromecast Ultra.

Apple iPhone is likely the top-selling brand for 2017.

The iPhone is not expected to take any of the top spots from any of its competitors.

Microsoft Surface is also not expected as a top-tier device in 2017, as it has not released any new products since it released its first iPhone in 2010.

Apple iPod Touch is also unlikely to take top spots.

Apple released the iPhone 5s in 2011 and the iPhone 6s in 2016, but the brand did not sell many new iPhones in 2016 as compared to 2015.

Apple Watch is expected next year, but not to be the top tier of the Apple watch lineup, as many of its watches are not expected for sale.

Microsoft Teams Windows and Office are likely to continue their diversified portfolios, including Windows and Microsoft Teams, respectively.

Apple Teams, the Microsoft Teams service, is one example of this.

Microsoft will be looking to build its team and product portfolio as a result of this, as this will be a major focus for Microsoft in 2017 and beyond.

Microsoft, however, is also looking to attract more customers in the near future.

Google is expected not to take first place for the first time, as Google has seen its market share drop.

Microsoft could also be looking for new products from its rivals, including Microsoft Surface and Google Android.

Google Android is expected,

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