Grimsby Township, Michigan, resident Jeff Grimsberry is a fan of cleaning his electrical appliances.

But as he tells it, he has no idea what kind of appliances he can clean.

So in 2011, Grimsberries first installed a new range appliance at his home.

He found that the appliance came with a small plastic vacuum and a small vacuum cleaner, which he found to be too small.

So Grimsbries son, David, installed an electric range appliance.

“I got this idea that maybe if I could put a vacuum cleaner in it, that would make a difference,” Grimsbys son told ABC News.

“So I just kind of went with it.

I’ve been using it since and I think it’s been doing really good.”

Now, he says, he is able to keep up with his cleaning schedule without any maintenance problems.

“It’s not really like a heavy duty vacuum cleaner.

It’s not that bulky,” David Grimsbury told ABC.

“And you can go to your kitchen and have the vacuum cleaner right there.”

For his latest project, Grimmersby installed a larger vacuum cleaner that has been outfitted with an electric motor.

“With the electric motor, it can go from 50 to 300 miles per hour,” David says.

“When it gets to the top of my range, I’ve gone from about 100 to 200 miles per day.”

He has also installed a second electric motor that can go up to 200 mph.

With all of these upgrades, Grimesby now has over 1,300 miles of range in his electric range home.

“If I had a $1,000 electric range that I was going to buy right now, it would probably be worth $1.5, $2,000,” Grimmersbys son says.

In addition to his electric drivetrain, Grimmbys electric range has been upgraded to a self-balancing unit that can pull out of the driveway if needed.

David Grimmbsson says that he plans to continue to expand his electric motor range.

“There’s a lot more that we can do with the electric drive train that’s been installed,” he says.

Grimsby is now hoping that his new electric range will eventually be able to handle a full load of electric vehicles.

“Maybe we’ll have a full-scale vehicle in the next five years,” he said.

Sources: ABC News, ABC News Digital,,

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