GE, the global electronics giant, and LG Electronics announced today that they have formed a new electric appliance unit, the GE Power & L.P.E. unit, which will combine the GE brands power supply and appliances into a single brand.

The new GE Power& Light Electric Appliances (PG&amp.

L.P.) unit will be focused on commercial applications, said Mark J. Wiesner, general manager of the GE division of GE Power.

The GE Power® Appliances Group is the leading producer of power, and is a key component of the energy business in GE’s portfolio.

The unit will also provide GE’s power division with a new line of commercial appliances that will combine GE’s wide range of power systems with GE’s innovative new appliances and technology.

The product line will be powered by GE’s proprietary, highly integrated GE Power and PowerCore technology, which is the cornerstone of GE’s commercial appliance business, and will be offered in both new and used models.

The PG&amp.; Light Electric &amp.l.P., which is to become GE’s first-ever commercial appliance unit in the United States, will provide GE with a full-line portfolio of commercial products that include a new, fully plug-in hybrid electric powered home appliance that is the first of its kind in the world, and the world’s first plug-and-play electric home appliance.

The appliance will be produced in the U.S. by GE Power Supply in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The first unit is scheduled to go on sale in 2019, according to GE Power, and it is expected to be fully integrated with the GE family of products, which include electric power equipment, smart homes, advanced energy products and a wide range

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