FourFourTenTwo: The Electric Appliance Standards for Brisbane article Electric appliances rated in the Brisbane standards have been identified by a joint advisory committee as having high quality requirements and require no modification to meet the requirements of the standards.

The following electric appliances meet the Briscoes standards:• Electric oven, electric heaters, electric boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters• Electric heaters with water heat capacity rated at 1,500 litres or more, or with water capacity exceeding 4,000 litres and water temperature above 120°C, have been designated as high quality electric appliances.• Electric power washing machines have been declared high quality for use in residential heating and cooling.• Water heaters have been classified as high-quality electric appliances in brisbains standards for high-heat appliance use.• Air conditioners and other water heat machines have also been declared to be high quality.• Buses have been approved as high capacity electric appliances to be used in emergency services and public transport, and for use as emergency vehicles.

Electric appliances may be considered to be of high quality if they meet the following criteria:• They meet all requirements of Briscoe standards for electrical appliance use, including:• Existing or planned electrical system installation;• The installation is not expected to cause unreasonable or excessive stress or strain;• They do not require an electrical system modification;• Their capacity, power and electrical reliability are not unreasonable; and• They are of a suitable and safe design and construction.

The Briscoa standards have not been updated since their introduction in 2005.

The requirements of electrical appliances are based on the energy required to operate them, the total energy required, the amount of energy required and the frequency of use.

The energy required for an electric appliance to be considered high quality is the amount by which its capacity, electrical reliability and other features do not exceed that of a comparable appliance in a comparable household.

For example, if a high-capacity electric appliance has a power consumption of 2,000W, it would require 4,300W of electricity to provide the same energy consumption.

However, if the appliance consumes only 2,400W, its capacity and electrical capacity would be 1,400MW less than the comparable appliance, and its reliability would be less than that of the comparable appliances.

The degree of electrical quality is determined by the energy consumption of the appliance, as well as the amount and frequency of its use.

A typical electric appliance is considered to meet all the requirements for high quality under the Brisaust standards for electric appliances if it meets the following factors:• The appliance’s energy consumption is within the Briscos standards for a typical household, including energy consumption requirements and the amount or frequency of energy use.

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