The Electric Express, a popular Delhi-based company, was started by three Delhi-area residents who decided to sell their electric appliances online.

Since then, they have been working to expand their product offerings, with their latest product being the “Electric Appliance Meter,” which is a smart meter that lets you monitor your appliances, whether they’re in use or not.

The meters can display the voltage and current readings and even calculate the cost of your appliances.

The company sells a wide range of appliances, from electric fridges to refrigerators.

The Meter comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12cm to 18cm in size.

“The product is not only an appliance meter but also an electronic device that monitors and tracks your appliances,” said Prashant Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Electric Express.

“There is a great opportunity for consumers to be connected with their appliances in a smarter and safer way.”

The meters in the showroom display a range of information about the power, the temperature, the load, the charge time, and the time of charge.

The devices come with various sensors that can measure various parameters such as voltage, current, charge, temperature, and humidity.

“You can check your electric appliances at home or at work or even charge them,” Kumar said.

The Smart Meter also comes with a handy safety feature that displays a countdown on the screen that will let you know if your appliances are charging or not, as well as the charge percentage.

Kumar explained that you can also track how long your appliances stay charged and when they will be discharged.

The product also comes in multiple flavors: Smart, Normal, and Smart Plus.

“We also have a range for electric appliances that are only 20-30 years old,” Kumar added.

A smart meter can be controlled remotely by the owner.

“It works remotely and it does not require any connectivity,” he added.

Kumar said that the Smart Meter can also display a countdown at any time and that it has a timer that allows users to stay on the display as long as the timer has not expired.

Users can also check the charge and voltage status of their appliances remotely.

“As a consumer, you will not have to keep track of your energy consumption on a daily basis.

With the smart meter, you can monitor your energy use and also make smart decisions about how much you use your appliances at any given time,” Kumar explained.

“I have been using this product for a few months now and I am impressed with the service provided by the company.”

Kumar is not the only one that has enjoyed the company’s products.

The meter’s pricing is very competitive, with a base price of around Rs. 1,200 ($260) for the normal and Smart models, and Rs. 2,200 for the Smart Plus models.

A Smart Plus model comes with three meters, each measuring up to 20cm in height.

“A regular electric appliance will cost around Rs 2,000 ($250) for a basic model, which is what you would pay for a refrigerator or a washing machine,” Kumar stated.

The price is much higher for the electric appliances, however.

“Electric appliances are very important to us, and our customers want to get smart, safe, and efficient appliances that they can rely on,” Kumar told TechCrunch.

“This is why we have developed a smart appliance meter and have partnered with a major brand in the world.”

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