A controversial plan to recycle old electrical appliances in Eastside neighborhoods has been hit with legal challenges from residents and environmental groups.

The plan would allow owners to recycle appliances into new homes in a pilot program starting in Seattle and then expanding to other Seattle neighborhoods.

Earl Anderson, who has lived in East Seattle for 25 years, is one of the organizers of the pilot program.

Anderson said he would like to recycle the appliances to give them a chance to become homes again.

“We want to help save the city, so we want to put the effort in and help make this happen,” he said.

However, neighbors and other groups say the plan doesn’t go far enough.

They argue that the city should be paying more attention to the health and environmental impact of the waste it’s sending into landfills, not focusing on recycling it.

This is a major change in the city’s policy, said Lisa Tompkins, a lawyer with the Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Washington.

She said the plan could make it more difficult for people to take the effort to recycle their appliances and could also make it harder for them to make the connection to their city.

In the pilot project, which will include several neighborhoods, Anderson’s organization is helping to distribute about 1,000 electric and gas-powered appliances to people who live in those neighborhoods. 

Easier recycling and better disposal would make a difference, Anderson said.

But a Seattle City Council member said the city is ignoring the needs of the elderly.

Johnson said the program would be too expensive to expand and that he would prefer the city instead to focus on reducing the amount of waste in the landfill. “

There’s a lot of problems, and I don’t think it’s going to get any better.”

Johnson said the program would be too expensive to expand and that he would prefer the city instead to focus on reducing the amount of waste in the landfill.

Last week, the city approved a $1.5 million grant to begin the pilot in West Seattle, with plans to expand to other neighborhoods.

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