On March 25, 2017, Bendigo police arrested an electrical appliance salesman named David M. Womack, Jr. in connection with the alleged abuse of a 6-year-old boy, according to the criminal complaint.

Authorities allege Womak sexually abused the boy in December 2017 at the home he owns with his wife and daughter, according in the criminal document.

Wamack, whose name has not been released, was charged with four counts of child sexual abuse, according the criminal charge.

Wommack was scheduled to appear in court on April 12.

WOMACK’S RECORD The criminal complaint alleges that the child was abused at Womacks home.

In January 2017, the child told investigators that he was sexually abused at the family home.

The complaint alleges the abuse began in December, according a police affidavit.

The child said he was kept in the dark about the abuse.

The criminal charge against Womacker alleges the victim was physically assaulted by Womaker after he attempted to stop Womakers abuse of the child.

Wompack told investigators he had no idea the boy was a minor until a week before he was arrested.

The investigation began in February 2017 when the child’s parents complained about the behavior of Womacked.

The parents told authorities Womacking had repeatedly hit the child with an electrical device.

The boy said Womackers other children had also hit him with the device.

Woomack told authorities that Womacky would not let him leave the house.

Womeack told police that he had stopped hitting the child after his wife told him he had a problem with him, according Womacket.

The case was investigated by the Bendigo Police Department’s Child Abuse Unit, which assisted the Bendigian Police Department with the investigation.

The police department did not respond to requests for comment.

Womes arrest is not the first time Womicks wife has been arrested.

He was arrested in April 2017 in connection to a second child abuse complaint.

The arrest resulted from a domestic violence complaint that was filed in May 2017, according authorities.

Woms wife has not yet been charged in the second case.

Police allege the second abuse occurred in June 2017.

Authorities did not say what type of abuse occurred.

Womaack was placed on paid administrative leave following his arrest.

He did not return calls for comment on Monday.

WOMEK’S SECRET SERVICE STATEMENT ON THE CASE Womank’s Secret Service Agent said that the Secret Service was aware of the allegations in the complaint and was investigating the matter.

The agent said that Womek has been cooperating with law enforcement and would be cooperating with investigators.

Womerack is scheduled to be arraigned in Bendigo Municipal Court on April 16.

The Bendigo News Journal did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the arrest.

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